Her får du Jack Horners Top-10 tips til kreative iværksættere.

De 10 tips:
1) People are everything
The people who work for you are massively important for your chance to succeed.

2) Don't waste money
There is always deals to be done - make money stretch as far as you can

3) Reputation is king
It is all about how people perceive you.

4) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Really a tip about professionalism; eg. turning up on time, listening for what people have to say, writing notes in meetings and following up

5) Think big and be better
Vision is important - think big and pursue that dream

6) Make noise
You need to find channels to communicate your message and make sure you get the message across

7) Focus, focus, focus
Focus on your one big idea and resist the temptation to being pursuing other ideas.

8) Be brave
This is about taking risks and it is a virtue to be able to fail but learn lessons

9) Think about the endgame
Having an exit strategy is really important - this gives everyone invovled a sense of direction

10) Enjoy the ride
Make sure you have fun along the way as this is important when you spend most of your working hours with a venture.

Kreativ direktør for Frukt Communications i London, Jack Horner, besøgte Promus til SPOT Festival 2011 for bl.a. at tale om partnerskaber mellem bands & brands og på tværs af musikbranchen over film-, reklame- og computerspils-brancherne. I en ledig stund havde vi lejlighed til at spørge til hans bedste tips til kreative iværksættere. Jack Horner har nemlig tidligere besøgt Aarhus som en del af Promus' samarbejde med British Councils Creative Entrepreneur Club Aarhus, efter at han i 2010 var finalist i British Councils Young Creative Entrepreneur Music Award.