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“I Write Songs. What do you mean I need to look at Analytics?"

An one-night preview tour into the jungle of data – and ways to actually use it - by Josh Greenberg - Founder, Green Mountain Lodge IVS (Former Global Director of Experiential Marketing at Spotify and Global Live Music Leader at Red Bull Music)

Through this session, Josh Greenberg will take you through how and what insights and analytics can be found on your music and brand and how you can use them to optimize, take advantage and strengthen your online and offline presence whether it will be for your new release, your up-coming tour, social strategies or festival-gig. This will be done through an actual group case-study on a local band and a guided tour on the backends of Spotify, Apple, YouTube, WARM, Google, and Facebook.

About Josh Greenberg

Driven by an insatiable appetite to discover, create and change culture, J/G has built a diverse quiver of resources through his career development, formal education, relationship building, non-traditional channels and entrepreneurial hustle. He has been trusted to help grow and steer some of the most iconic and innovative brands of all time, in Red Bull and Spotify, during critical periods in their evolution. His early foundation came from end-to-end music management: overseeing the creation, production, performance, promotion and presentation of art as brand and business; both his own and those who have trusted him to help them along the way. Applying that foundation to his business, he’s won hearts and minds in company leadership and consumers by authentically balancing the intersection of artistic expression and commercial interest through the lens of brand and business strategy. Now, he extends his experience and service to artists, management companies, labels, promoters, agencies, festivals, conferences, established and start-up tech and culturally connected brands with his consultancy, Green Mountain Lodge.

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Dato: Tirsdag – 8. oktober fra 16:00 – 19:00 - deadline for tilmelding: Fredag d. 4. okt. kl.12:00 - Obs! Begrænset antal pladser.
Sted: Promus – Vester Allé 15 – 8000 Aarhus C
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