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SPOT+ ekstra - online-Q&A-session med Toddrick Spalding/VP Music, Mob Scene!

SPOT festival 2020 og dermed SPOT+ måtte vi jo desværre aflyse i sidste uge. Men som et plaster på såret, er vi i gang med en række arrangementer og events i løbet af året både af musikalsk og musikfaglig karakter – og såvel online som fysisk, når vi atter må samles igen.
Første online-nedslag lanceres allerede nu; All You Need To Know About Music in Move Trailers – a Q&A session med Toddrick Spalding, VP Music / Mob Scene, der skulle have været på SPOT til maj, men som nu stiller op virtuelt.
Vi laver to sessions for 2 x 15 deltagere og de finder sted torsdag d. 2. april (UDSOLGT!!!) og torsdag d. 16. april. Deadline 30. marts!

Here’s your chance for a live AMA with an expert in the field of theatrical (film trailers), tv promo, and video game marketing. Wonder how a song or music cue makes it into a movie marketing campaign? Curious about what makes one song viable for sync in a trailer and another not? Do clients still want dark covers? What’s the next BWAAAAAM? How do you make it “BIGGER”? Now’s your chance to ask!

Toddrick Spalding is the Vice President, Music at entertainment marketing agency Mob Scene and a 15 year veteran music supervisor in the industry, having previously worked with the agencies Trailer Park, mOcean/CMP+, The Cimarron Group, Motive, Ayzenberg, Hammer Creative, Ignition, Zealot, Vibe Creative, BLT, The Editpool and THE Paris as both an in-house and freelance creative. His work includes award winning campaigns for clients as diverse as Warner Brothers Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Netflix, Amazon, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Microsoft, 2k Games, and many more.

Since we have limited access for participants (max. 15 pr. session), we’re doing two 1-hour-sessions:

Thursday April 2nd from 18:30 (Local Danish time) – Deadline for application Monday March 30th. (SOLD OUT!)
Thursday April 16th from 18:30 (Local Danish time) – Deadline for application Monday April 6th

Please forward your application to with a short description of your work and background.

This session is targeted to film composers, sound designers, producers, music publishers and managers.

The session is an online/ZOOM-session. Once you’ve been accepted to take part, you’ll receive an invitation to join in via ZOOM

Presented by Promus & SPOT+ – in association with SPOT Festival & ROSA