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SPOT+ - How to Export Music To America!

Tess Taylor - President of NARIP - National Association of Record Industry Professionals - besøger årets SPOT+/SPOT Festival og afholder "master class" med fokus på musikeksport til verdens største musikmarked.
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Successfully exporting music to the United States requires a well thought-out plan, effective tools, cooperative professional relationships and diligence.

In this session, NARIP President Tess Taylor shares specific strategies and information sources, including a sample marketing plan, touring tips and insider info to help Scandinavian and European talent penetrate and connect in this important music market.

Learn how to convert success in European markets into meaningful leverage to open doors in America. You will also learn how to build an A-Team, identify markets most favorable for specific music genres, access alternative and lesser-known resources, and where to go for help. Attendees will take with them a basic marketing plan and guide to placing their music into the hands of potential listeners and buyers in the U. S.

Tess Taylor is president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (, est. 1998) which promotes career advancement, education and good will in the record industry and related music fields.

Particpation through application.

Send us an email with a brief description of your work, background, experience, business field within the music industry to - no later than: 15th of April 2016.

Saturday the 30th of April – 10:00 – 11:30 – DANIA, Radisson BLU

Only access with valid accreditation/ticket for SPOT+
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Tess Taylor is creator of NARIP's Music Supervisor Sessions which have yielded almost 400 music placements for participants and sold out in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Paris and London. One of the nation's leading authorities on careers in recorded music, Ms. Taylor has been called The Job Whisperer and has connected countless people to jobs and opportunities through her work in the U.S. and abroad, cultivated business and creative collaborations for over two decades, helped launch hundreds of projects and several companies. She has consulted for leading businesses such as InsideSessions (a joint venture between the Universal Music Group and Penguin Putnam, Inc.), The Walt Disney Company, BMG Entertainment (formerly Sony BMG) and Concord Records. Dubbed "International Music Ambassador" by music supervisor P.J. Bloom (the Glee franchise, CSI: Miami), Ms. Taylor works with international music associations to connect their members to opportunities in major U.S. music markets. Ms. Taylor is a vigorous defender of intellectual property rights and has lectured throughout the U.S. and around the world in 13 countries to date, including at the Harvard Business School, in Berlin, Bangalore and elsewhere. Ms. Taylor is also President of the LA Music Network (, est. 1988) and creator of the LAMN Jam Music Contests which launched the Mowglis who won in 2011. LAMN Jams helped launch 2006 winner Tim Fagan who then won a Grammy with Colbie Caillat, and 2007 winner Aloe Blacc. From 1988 to

1993 Ms. Taylor was employed at MCA Records, Inc., last serving as Associate Director of Marketing. A classically trained pianist, she studied music at the University of Vienna and is a Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Redlands' Johnston College where she received her BA degree in music, German language and literature.
She loves traveling the world, fine fountain pens, dogs (please adopt, don't buy!), hiking with her handsome English cocker spaniel, and the recordings of Glenn Gould and David Bowie. @TessTaylor, @NARIP