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Music Cities Network - Aarhus, Groningen, Hamburg & Sydney!

Så er vores nye internationale Music Cities Network gået i luften, og der er allerede nu en række spændende aktiviteter på på vej. Læs mere i den netop udsendte pressemeddelelse, hvor du bl.a. kan læse om den aarhusianske jazzmusiker, Christian Windfelds besøg i Sydney - og om hvordan det nye netværk hjalp ham med at få adgang til helt særlige locations til optagelser i Sydney.

I nedenstående finder du den engelske pressemeddelelse, der netop er udsendt.

Music Cities Network - come and join the new networking platform for music cities around the world.

The Music Cities Network (MCN) is a new network dedicated to improving communication and cooperation between music cities around the world. The network was initiated by Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) and Sound Diplomacy in summer 2016.

Music cities increase revenue, link cultures around nations and continents, retain talent, drive tourism and brand development, and are the key to sustainable music economies. As melting pots of musical creativity and consumption, urban centres are where music is produced, performed, advertised and sold. There is exceptional potential in this, creating unique opportunities to position music cities as thriving and international important centres of music and media production.

The MCN is a membership-based network, focused on achieving four objectives:
1. Improving cities through music policies and collaborative projects;
2. Building greater networks and creating an actionable agenda for change;
3. Providing and sharing information and research surrounding global music cities activities & policies;
4. Facilitating exchange and collaboration for music business, artists, cultural institutions and education

In 2016 the cities of Aarhus, Hamburg and Sydney were the first cities to sign up to the network and in 2017 the MCN welcomed Groningen as a new member.

MCN’s first collaborative research project is in development, focusing on best practice audience development. Modelled as an information exchange project, a selection of venues from each city will work together to share their audience development strategies. A final report presenting the results will be presented to the participating venues, festivals and cities.

At this year’s SXSW the network will present an official panel discussing the project, as well as a “Music Cities Mixer” networking event for all music delegates.

At SPOT Festival in Aarhus in May, MCN is both hosting a seminar program on Friday the 5th of May – focusing on music city strategies and initiatives, and a showcase presenting new talent from Hamburg, Aarhus and the “candidate-city” of Bergen in Norway, on Saturday the 6th of May.

A significant and ultimate goal of the network is to facilitate relationships and networks at an artist and business to business level. For example, in early 2017, network members Aarhus and Sydney collaborated to support Aarhus based composer and percussionist Christian Windfeld while he was on tour in Australia. Having expressed an interest in doing a recording session on the UNESCO world heritage listed Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, the Aarhus music industry association Promus reached out to the City of Sydney via Music Cities Network, seeking help. Through its contacts at the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust, the City of Sydney was able to help mamake sure Windfeld got the help he needed.

Christian Windfeld (composer and percussionist): “The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust got in touch with me and approved my wish to do recordings on Cockatoo Island. The rangers out there were extremely helpful and I got some really good stuff down on tape performing in the Great Turbine Hall, the Dog Leg Tunnel that penetrates the entire island
and - most excitingly - inside a perfectly circular air raid shelter from World War II. I'm psyched to listen back and pick material. I'm positive there's a record in there!”

Hugh Nichols (City of Sydney): “Music is both a cultural and economic industry that operates on the global level, but has its roots at the local level. There is lots of work happening here in Sydney to support our local industry, and being part of a network of cities doing similar work is a hugely worthwhile thing for us to do. The Music Cities Network gives us both a way of communicating our own work to international colleagues, as well as allowing us to keep up with all the great things other cities are doing. The music industry is dynamic and ever-changing. It’s vitally important that the industry associations and government agencies supporting it remain informed and flexible, so they can evolve their approaches in response to what the industry needs.

Beyond these industry-focused goals, the recent experience with Christian shows that there is also a practical, artist-level side to the network too, and at the end of the day supporting artists is what it’s all about.”

Upcoming Events
16.03. Music Cities Network - Reception @ SXSW, Austin
17.03. Music Cities Network - Panel @ SXSW, Austin

05.05. Music Cities Seminar @ SPOT+, Aarhus
06.05. Music Cities Showcase - presenting Drew, SHI & Great News @ SPOT+, Aarhus

To find out more about the Music Cities Network visit the website or get in touch via email.

- or: - tel. +45 86 94 20 19